Erie Trash Pickup

I was recently asked for my opinion on Erie’s new large item trash pickup program.

The entire article can be found on the GoErie site.

Before the one item collection began I was definitely part of the reason the city racked up so much in garbage over time during the spring cleanup week. I’m not entirely sure how it happens, but over the course of one year I always end up with an assortment of junk that can’t go out on the normal trash nights.

I know the spring cleaning pickup was always designed to be one large item with your regular trash, but we definitely tested the limits on that a few times. When I purchased my home last April we were moving out of our rental house during the spring cleanup. I definitely tested the limits of the old system. I knew it wasn’t the best way to handle it, but I didn’t have any other options.

When the new large item pickup system was released I utilized the service within the first few weeks. We purchased a new couch, and I needed to dispose of the old one my puppy turned into a chew toy. I called to schedule my pickup, and the old couch was gone that weekend. The new service seems like a win-win. More convenient pickup for residents, and cost savings for the city.

My wife prides herself in keeping a clean house. I no longer cringe when she asks me to dispose of an oversized item.